TERFs Are Not Allying with Social Conservatives, They Are Social Conservatives and Always Have Been

Jean O’Leary speaking at the 1973 Christopher Street Liberation Day Rally in New York City

After a spate of recent posts suggesting that anti-trans bigots are “allying” with conservatives because their anti-trans protest outside the Stonewall’s “Children and Young People Conference 2019” was eerily reminiscent of an anti-abortion protest, the UK Transadvocate Twitter account posted this meme:

T.E.R.F.s aren’t allying with social conservatives, they ARE social conservatives and pretty much always have been.

Many people mention the Stonewall riots around Pride season. What they don’t talk about is the history that came from the riots. Sylvia Rivera was one of the people who sparked the Stonewall Riots, but after the riots took place she was blocked from speaking at the 1973 Christopher Street Liberation Day Rally in New York City:

Jean O’leary spoke against Rivera at that rally:

Jean O’leary’s history? She was a member of the Lesbian Feminist Liberation (that was originally the Lesbian Liberation Committee and a part of the Gay Activists Alliance). They were part of a conservative movement within the gay liberation movement that wanted to assimilate in a cis-het culture that reaches back into the 1950s with groups like Daughters of Bilitis and the Mattachine Society. O’leary had a religious background, writing the book Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence.

The same sort of religious background Same goes for T.E.R.F. writers Janice Raymond and Mary Daly (both have advanced degrees in theology). Daly was the dissertation advisor to Raymond of a dissertation that ended up being the basis for “The Transsexual Empire.” Raymond has also written books critical sex work, IVF and RU486. Raymond even penned a book that sounds like something out of the IDW titled “The Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism”.

When British T.E.R.F.s sit on a panel at the Heritage Foundation, go on Fox News, invade the offices of a gay rights organization, or go to work as the UK campaign director for CitizenGO (a Spanish based anti-gay, anti-abortion, Catholic/Christian advocacy group), is this really unprecedented?

They’ve even shown their stripes when talking about “The Cotton Ceiling” debate.

T.E.R.F.s aren’t allying with conservatives, as history shows they always have been conservatives.

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